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Wheel simulation tool that saves time, saves money, saves frustration, and insures accuracy.
$479.95              In Stock,
Free Shipping in the U.S.A.
Wheel Simulation tool | Verified Fabrication Backspacing Offset Fitment
3/16" and 1/4" Laser cut steel and stainless steel construction, utilizes common hardware, simple easy to use construction, laser etched indicators
$479.95        In Stock,
Free Shipping in the U.S.A.
Stainless Steel
How Car Builders Get Perfect Wheel Fitment Without Wasting Time & Money...
Car builders who know that stance is everything, building a car around the wheels and the art of visualization of the final product before it's built is key to success in the fab shop...

This tool is an absolute "no-brainer", it pays for itself in a single project - not only in time, but it also pays you in the sense that you'll be less frustrated and you can eliminate the..."oh so costly" guessing aspects! 
GaragePRO Package
Adjustable from 15" to 24" rim diameters

Adjustable from 7" to 11.5" rim widths

Optional 12" to 16.5" rim width slides available
on the order page. If you are running a wide rear wheel you might need this option.

Simulates actual rim width so the tire can articulate all the way to the bump stops on tight wheel wells.

Check multiple tire sizes and be able to exchange the tire for another size because you never mounted it on a rim.

Check for clearance on fender lips, inner fenders, A arms, ball joints, spindles, frame and other areas of possible contact.

Easy installation, simple instructions, great tech videos!
Wheel fit tool
Removing Error During The Most Crucial Aspects of Car Building
Simulating the stance with the actual tires and ride height is key to achieving the "look" you are after.
Having the tire you will use in its correct position will help you set up your custom build faster. No more waiting for the custom rims to show up.
Being able to try out the backspacing you want before you order the rims is a huge relief as well as a time saver.
When An Expert Car Builder Knows "Close Enough" Isn't Good Enough, What Does He Do?
Over the last 20 years Mike Keller has built everything from Concours Gold Muscle Cars to America's most beautiful street rod. Yet during each and every car he built he noticed there was a problem...born out of frustration and necessity, Verified Fabrication emerged with the development of a wheel simulation tool that is now revolutionary to car builders all over the world!
Why The Design Is So Unique...
I originally designed this product for my own use. I wanted a product that would rapidly go into and out of a wheel so it would not cost my customers any more time than necessary. 

Simple hand tools and slides make this tool easy to install and adjust. 

As a guy who started out in my garage my goal was to keep this tool within reach of every guy building a car in his garage.
Diy wheel fit tool
How Easy Is It To Install The Wheel Simulator?
Everything is very intuitively designed to feel very natural in its installation and removal. 

Our focus was for you to spend less time messing around with a tool and more time building your custom vehicle.

Always check your wheel for fit before you mount the tire. 

 The simulator will not simulate the inside of your wheel....why does this matter? Brake calipers are not mounted in a standard location and may hit the inside of your rim. Please consult the wheel manufacture with any concerns of brake caliper location. The simulator can not cover every situation encountered but we will do our best to make you aware of what else to look for. We are here to help!
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